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A tested remedy for acne.
While youth brings spring to the face it also causes pimples, spots and blackheads to appear. So we have to share beautiful roses with ugly thorns. There would hardly be a man or woman upon whom youth has not thrusted this fate. And once the pimples and blackheads show on the face they have a tendency to stay there for ages. In spite of all kinds of costly creams and lotions the face never gets clear of them. Rather the pimples increase in size and number, the scars become unsightly and eruptions and depressions deform the cheeks. It seems the face was ploughed roughly and unevenly. You get sick of it and do not feel like going out at all. You wish you could carve off an inch or a half of the skin from your face.
The question is how to get rid of this curse of pimples, spots and blackheads? These symptoms constitute a regular disease which in medical science is known as ACNE (acne simplex and acne rosacea). And this regular disease demands and deserves a regular treatment. As this disease is generated from within the body, its treatment, therefore, must also work from within the body. Creams and medicines applied on the face are of no consequence without such a support from within.
But there are many side-effects of medicines that are taken orally. Powerful anti-biotic do suppress acne temporarily but not without innumerable adverse effects. That is why Homoeopathy has proven the best treatment for acne since it cures definitely with absolutely no side-effects. After years of research, Kyron Transnational, U.S.A has developed an effective cure for acne that has now been introduced in Pakistan by TT-Top Treatments under the name and style of SKINCLEAR.
An important feature of SKINCLEAR is that while it rids the face from acne and blemishes, it also clears the complexion and makes the face fair and radiant.
USEFUL TIPS In food, avoid fats such as oil, butter and cheese as much as possible. Fried and spicy dishes should also be shunned. Eat more fruits and vegetables especially raw salad like lettuce, cucumbers and carrots. Try to use dry make-up instead of oily make-up. Wash your face 3 to 4 times a day with a good mild soap. In case the skin feels too dry, apply glycerin mixed half and half with TT-Top Treatments 100% pure rose water regularly.
* Nux Vomica * Carbo Vegetabilis * Sulphur Iodatum * Kali Bromatum * Hydrocotyle * Causticum * Sulphur * Sepia * Radium Bromide
60 Tablets
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