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For: Increaseing height.
Where the personality of an individual depends on inner qualities, the outer appearance also plays a major role in shaping the overall image of a person. The inner qualities of a person are only known to the close ones but the external qualities like the physique and the features are like an open book to everyone. In so far as the facial features are concerned it has different standards. To quote the popular maxim: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some like black eyes and some like blue, some consider sharp noses beautiful while other prefer small, some are attracted by full lips and some by fine thin lips.
But when it comes to the physique, the standards are more or less universal. Just as obesity is repulsive to all, short height too is hardly considered attractive by anyone. Ironically enough if a person having attractive features is short in height, his or her beauty is eclipsed. The personality is minimized and falling victim to the insulting remarks of the people the individual develops an inferiority complex. For males, short height creates even graver problems in their practical lives. They cannot join certain professions, for instance the Armed Forces or the Police, merely because of their short height. Their short height thus closes many doorways in life. Even the parents of such short boys and girls have to face a lot of difficulty in finding them a suitable marriage partner.
Every other day a new cure is being introduced for the “overweight” but no treatment worth the name has as yet surfaced for the “short”. Now as a result of years long research, KYRON TRANSNATIONAL, USA has finally come out with a tested and effective formula for all possible increase in height. This formula has been introduced in Pakistan by TT – TOP TREATMENTS under the name and style of “GROTALL”. A fast acting treatment GROTALL is a Homoeopathic preparation with no harmful side effects. The ingredients of GROTALL facilitate the production of somatotropin, (human growth hormone) in the human body thus stimulating the growth of cartilage and bone in children and young adults. All such boys and girls, men and women, who are less than 30 years of age can achieve all possible increase in their height by using GROTALL.
However, this is a wrong concept that through medication a person can increase his or her height by as much as he or she wishes. The truth is that height is genetic. The Chinese or the Japanese can never be as tall as the Sudanese. But another fact also deserves attention. Many people due to lack of balanced diet and regular exercise fail to attain the height genetically possible for them. Here it is also important to note that children till their adolescence are hardly conscious of their diet. Therefore it is the responsibility of their parents to provide such a diet for them, which can aid them to achieve their naturally possible height. That is why GROTALL has been especially introduced in form of good tasting tablet, which can be chewed by children and swallowed by the adults. All such parents who are concerned about their children’s height must make GROTALL a regular part of their children’s daily diet. Similarly all such adults or young men and women who are not happy with their height must include GROTALL in their daily diet. GROTALL will show definite results after three months of regular use. Once you feel you do not need it any longer, you may discontinue its use
* Calcium Carb * Thyrodinum * Calcaria Phos * Kali Phos * Baryta Carb * Iodum * Silicea * Calcium Phos
30 Tablets, 60 Tablets
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