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For: Fairer complexion and removing wrinkles Maximum Strength, Fast Acting Homoeopathic Medicine
Fair complexion and fresh skin has and will always be important for women. It is the birth right of a women to look beautiful and be attractive. In our society the birth of a girl itself is not really a happy event. On top of it, if her complexion is dark, the parents virtually lose heart. The girl may have good feathers but as long as she is not fair, people do not consider her pretty. Listening to the derogatory comments that girl starts believing herself to ugly. It is a fact that even the dark boys want to be fairer knowing in their heart of hearts that the girls too prefer fairer boys. However, for girls and women the dark complexion becomes and remains a perpetual problem.
Where there is a will there is a way. How could it be possible that when millions of human beings were desirous of becoming fairer, a solution was not sought? But to this day all the solutions offered for this problem have been topical in nature. Various scrubs and creams were invented and tall claims were made as to their efficacy. These concoctions merely burnt the outer layer of the skin thus bringing out a fresh layer from beneath. But in a few days this layer too would turn just as dark as the previous one. Complexion can be changed but we must adopt a realistic approach in this connection. It is next to impossible for us Easterns to look white as marble like the Westerns. However, the possibility surely exists that our complexion could be brightened to such an extent that no one would call us BLACK. Better chances exist for people with wheatish and grey or ashy look to make their complexion fair. One must not use for this purpose harsh scrubs or creams with strong bleaches resulting in scraping and burning the outer layer of the skin. Rather one must see that the change comes from within one’s body so that when the complexion turns fairer it should stay that way permanently. After years of research in the Homoeopathic system of medicine, KYRON TRANSNATIONAL U.S.A has developed a formula for fairer complexion that excels all the available remedies. TOP TREATMENTS has manufactured and introduced this formula in Pakistan under the name and style of “FAIRFACE”. FAIRFACE is nor a cream but a medicine to be taken in the form of caplets which purifies the blood and results in clearing the complexion from within the body.
An important aspect of FAIRFACE is that while it clears the complexion of the entire body, it particularly makes the face fair, bright and pretty. With its continuous use the earthy and ashy complexion is transformed into a beaming wheatish and fairer complexion. In addition, the spots and blemishes, blue & black rings under the eyes, and the wrinkles on the face and neck are also eliminated.
FAIRFACE is equally useful for young boys and men who usually find it difficult and embarrassing to use scrubs and bleach creams. They can very discreetly and confidently use FAIRFACE. Though visible improvement in complexion will be noticed even after using the first box of FAIRFACE but in order to get lasting results it is advised that it should be used for at least three to six months.
* Avoid going out in direct and bright sunlight.
* Eat raw cucumbers and carrots to your heart’s content.
* In fruits, prefer the citrus family like oranges, grapefruits and sweet lemons (mithas).
* Make lemon a regular feature of your diet. Take lemon + water, preferably without sugar or salt, as many times as you like.
* Form a habit of drinking eight glasses of water in a day.
* Skin must be moisturished, especially in dry weather. You may use glycerin and rose water (half and half) for this purpose on your face, hands arms and feet once or twice a day.
* Hydrocotyle * Ars.Br * Sepia * Hydrastis Canadensis * Chinium Sulphate * Chelidonium * Lycopodium
30 Tablets, 60 Tablets
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