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For: Alopecia, Baldness, Dandruff, Premature Grey
HAIRPLUS is the first total hair-cure, hair-growth and hair-cure system. It wipes out from within the human body all the ills and ailments of hair, irrespective of age and or sex. It is not to be applied topically but taken orally. Once the problem is eradicated from its roots in the body, the hair outside becomes automatically THICK, STRONG, SILKY, LONG & LOVELY. Similarly, hair returns to original black, brown, gold or blond colour in case of premature grey.
The formula of HAIRPLUS has been processed in Pakistan by TOP TREATMENTS with the permission of KYRON TRANSNATIONAL (U.S.A) Qualified Homoeopaths have carefully supervised various stages of its preparation. Homoeopathic medicines possess a kind of atomic power. By “splitting” the medicine like the atom, its potency and power can be increased infinitely. In this system of pharmacy the real thing is not quantity but right potency of right medicine. To preserve and maintain the atomic power of HAIRPLUS, keep it away from sun, heat, odour and perfume.
Instead of using traditional Homoeopathic packing of powders or drops, HAIRPLUS has been introduced in the form of caplets so that medicine reaches the body in its most potent state.
To begin with, comparatively low-potency doses are prescribed to eliminate acute and obvious complaints of hair. Then, gradually, the potency of the caplets is raised to combat chronic and deeper disorders
Dr.J.T Kent (M.D), Dr.William Boericke (M.D) and Dr.Johan H.Clarke (M.D) believe that these eight active ingredients of HAIRPLUS are indisputable cure for the following ills and ailments of hair:
1. FLUORIC ACID Baldness, dry dandruff, tangles, dullness, alopecia, (falling off)
2. KALI CARBONICUM Brittleness, extreme dryness, alopecia, baldness of templates.
3. LYCOPODIUM Weakness, dandruff, loss of hair after child birth, premature baldness.
4. PHOSPHORIC ACID Premature grey, greasiness, falling off (alopecia) because of grief or shock.
5. CARBO VEGETABILIS Baldness of occiput (back of head), painful when touched or combed.
6. SEPIA Baldness, moist, dandruff, alopecia after menopause or child birth.
7. NITRIC ACID Lice, falling off with humid eruptions, sensitive scalp, ill effects of drugs and secret diseases.
8. NATRUM MURIATICUM Patches of baldness, alopecia of forehead, ill effects of nervous diseases especially chronic catarrh.
60 Tablets
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