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For: Weight Reduction
If obesity is unsightly in the eyes of the beholders, it is also a disease that may prove fatal. We could, perhaps, tolerate that people make fun of our fatness, give us funny names and do our imitations but when this fatness becomes a threat to our very existence, it cannot be and should not be tolerated at all.
Our style of living and eating habits are such that we gain weight automatically. In addition, we use too much oil or ghee in our dishes. Then our culture demands compulsive entertainment. To express our love and friendship, we insist upon each other to eat more and more. Another important factor is the absence of hard work from our city life; most of women in houses and men in shops and offices continue sitting for long hours. Their bodies are not properly exercised and they put on weight. On the contrary, there are such unfortunate persons who virtually eat nothing as compared to their fellow beings but still layers upon layers of fat and flesh are added to their bodies. Their metabolism does not allow the food to transform itself into energy and superfluous phlegm and fluids in the body. The result is indigestion, gas and constipation and these troubles turn a good looking and smart person into a ball of fat within no time.
Gone are the days when fatness was synonymous with good health and the “fatties” were called “fit – fat”. Now the reality has dawned upon us that obesity is a disease that drags man from arthritis and gout to heart attack. That is why people try to get rid of their unwanted fat by resorting to either various exercises or massages or to all kinds of costly medicines. Every now and then, new slimming clinics open up with tall claims. People spend five to ten thousand rupees to shed a few pounds of fat, which returns to their bodies as soon as they discontinue the treatment of these clinics. In all the prevalent weight-reduction methods the basic fault is that they weaken you immensely; your face loses its glow, you develop wrinkles and look wretched – yours older than your age. Moreover, these methods are costly and their results are not lasting. Even if they were effective, they have many adverse side effects.
For a long time the need was felt for a weight-reduction method that was both effective and long lasting. Again, it had to be easy and affordable. TOP TREATMENTS, PAKISTAN has finally been able to present, with the approval of KYRON TRANSNATIONAL, U.S.A, a remedy for obesity under the name and style of WEIGHTOFF, which fully meets with all these requirements.
With regular use, WEIGHTOFF corrects the functions of heart, liver, thyroid and stomach. Toxic substances and superfluous phlegm and liquids are not only removed from the body, the body no longer generates them and becomes slim and smart and you look good and great. WEIGHTOFF is especially effective in eliminating extra fat as well as extra water from your system. The fear of arthritis and heart attack is checked and compulsive hunger and thirst is controlled. Besides reducing weight, WEIGHTOFF clear yours complexion, adds luster to your face, brightens yours eyes and rejuvenates your skin.
* Phytolacca Berry * Fucus * Ammonium Bromatum * Antimonium Muriaticum * Graphites * Antimonium Crudum * Calcaria Carbonica * Iodum * Thyroidinum * Calcaria Arsenicum * Juglan Regia
These eleven safe and clinically proven medicines are well known in Homoeopathy for routing obesity and eliminating its symptoms. The real difficulty was to decide about the order in which these were to be given. The question of their dosage and potency was also to be resolved. Now, in the form of WEIGHTOFF these medicines have been properly quantified and regularized to achieve maximum benefit.
60 Tablets
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