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For: Weight Gain Maximum Strength, Fast Acting, Homoeopathic Medicine
Being over-weight is bad but being under-weight is even worse. Obesity makes a person look awkward. On the other hand an under-weight person can never develop an impressive personality. A person looks attractive and graceful only when his/her weight is appropriate.
It being extra lean and skinny becomes a matter of embarrassment and concern for the elders; it proves to be intolerable for the young. All parents love their children and if the kids are merely skin and bones, no one else finds them cute or lovable. It is natural that people like to fondle kids who are chubby and healthy. The same is the case with young girls and boys. It is true that fat boys and girls are not considered beautiful but at the same time skinny boys and frail girls are also not looked upon with envy. Many girls never get married just because they are too weak and thin. Similarly, boys who are too small and frail also are left behind in the race of life while falling a prey to inferiority complex. They fail to get good jobs. Their unimpressive and under-developed personalities deprive them of acquiring a respectable position in the society and they are often ignored by good families in the matter of marriage. Unusual decrease in weight must be watched. If you are under-weight, you would invite disease.
Normally the under-weight people concentrate on eating to fight their thinness. This helps a little but not sufficiently; only the stomach tends to expand. As a matter of fact you look greedy and a glutton in the eyes of the people and become a victim of indigestion. In the Homoeopathic system of medicine an effective answer to the problem of skinny, weak, and thin people can be found.
KYRON TRANSNATIONAL, USA after years of research has now developed a fast acting and maximum strength formula for increasing weight. This formula has been manufactured and introduced by TOP TREAMENTS in Pakistan under the name and style of WEIGHTON, which is an extremely useful medicine for not only those who are extra thin, weak or skinny but is also helpful for such convalescing patients who have lost a lot of weight during the course of illness. At the same time it greatly helps such persons who are not too thin but would like to gain more weight. Insofar as the thin and skinny young boys and girls, WEIGHTON is a miracle worker. Since it has no side effects, it can be successfully used for weak and frail babies or young children too. They can chew the caplets and like them for their good taste.
* Abrotanum * China * Secale Cornutum * Calcarea Carb * Iodum * Ferrum Phosphricum * Baryta Carb * Phosphorous * Natrum Muriaticum * Plumbum Met
30 Tablets, 60 Tablets
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