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For: Breast Development
The proper development of her breasts very rightly holds a great deal of importance for a woman. The feminine beauty is greatly undermined if the chest is flat or the breasts are saggy. Just as a muscular chest symbolizes grace and virility in a man, fully developed and succulent breasts are the secret of a woman’s attraction. The misery of a woman who is faced with the dilemma of under-developed or saggy breasts is easily understandable. This fact is as worrisome for her as the tragedy of being impotent is for a man.
Some intelligent and clever women adopt different means to cover the flaws of their bust line. Balls of cotton or foam-pads may prove deceptive to ordinary onlookers but the secret is revealed to the husbands on the very first night. Cultured and sympathetic husbands may ignore this shortcoming but many loud-mouthed husbands continue bringing up this sensitive issue. As a matter of fact, even if no says anything, women faced with this problem are always conscious of this shortcoming.
Is there a way to overcome this shortcoming? Yes! there is, provided proper and regular treatment is carried out. Now, KYRON TRANSNATIONAL, U.SA, after years of research, has developed an effective Homoeopathic, formula that is manufactured and introduced in Pakistan by TOP TREATMENTS under the name and style of BREASTADE. This is not a cream to be rubbed on the breasts. Instead, it is an oral medicine to be taken in the form of caplets. This powerful medicine exterminates the causes that curtail full development of breasts. The imperfection of breasts does not necessarily go back to the time of birth. On the other hand, when the girls enter puberty their bodies undergo a change, which is related to Hormones. It is primarily due to a deficiency of these Hormones that the breasts do not develop fully. If a proper supply of these Hormones could be guaranteed, the flaws of the bust-line can be eliminated. This is exactly what BREASTADE tends of perform.
* Sabal Serrulta * Sarsaparilla * Kali Iodicum * Iodum * Chimaphilla * Agnus Castus * Conium * Onosmodium
50 Tablets
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